Losing weight always has been a hot issue for females all around the world. And you can't talk about diet without reducing your daily calorie intake.

But if you reduce your calorie intake more than your body needs without advice from a professional trainer, it's easy to lose your health.

Over reducing your calorie intake will make your body feel tired easily and your body's metabolism will slow down.

If our body's metabolism broke down, it's easy broke down, it's easy to gain back all the weight we lost.
Then, what can we do?
In fact, the ideal calorie intake gap between regular day and a dieting day is about 500 calories. 

For reducing them, first, change your breakfast.
Start your morning with cereals and berry juice which have much fiber.

Fiber has zero calorie so the food which contains much fiber has low calorie. And fiber also makes you feel full and it will help you eat less.

Don't leave your dish empty after your meal. Just leave your dish with 25% of food or if you don't want to waste foods, fill your supper dish 3/4.

Next, move actively. Walking for 15 minutes can burn 100 calories. So if you walk for 15minutes every day, you can burn 500 calories a week. If you are busy to walk every day, just stand up instead of sitting on your chair. It can burn the calories 2times more than just sitting. 

Chew your food thoroughly. 
According to experience, people who chew their food 40times instead of chewing them 15times as normal, their intake 12% fewer calories than usual. Chewing your food longer reduces hormone secretion called ghrelin.
Ghrelin, as known as empty stomach hormone, makes you feel hungry. 

It's better to have a desirable habit to get a healthier body :)

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