Hello, Yakson beauties :)
Yesterday, I watched a TV show whose panels were foreign idols who are working in Korea. A Chinese idol that it was difficult to drink cold water at the restaurant. 
When she came to Korea for the first time because they usually have some tea during their supper. Cold water makes it easier to have a stomachache. 
So it's better to drink hot tea for our health.

Green tea blocks fat absorption and also has an anticancer effect. I also like green tea but don't drink it before you go to bed. It contains a lot of caffeine and will make you stay up the whole night.

 Dates contain lots of vitamins.
So it's good for recovering energy and appetite. And it's also effective for anemia. 

Ginger is well known for its effectiveness on the cold constitution, too. So if you are suffering from cold hands and feet, drink ginger tea before you go to bad. 

Take cares<3 

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