Thursday, July 30, 2015


Hi Girls!

Are you stressed out and feel blue due to the weather and everything?
Here are the 5 super healing foods that will make you happier :)

1. Fish

Fish is the key to prevent depression!
Fish with some fat have a plenty of Omega-3 fatty acid,
which prevents the change of hormone in your body and depression.

2. Beans

Beans have a ton of amino acid, trytophan, that produces 
a happiness hormone, serotonin.
There are also lots of iron which gives you energy.
So you will feel much happier and stronger than ever!

3. Banana

Banana also has a plenty of trytophan just like beans.
So you feel happy!

Trytophan increases the level of immunity in your body
and helps insomnia as well.

4. Dark Chocolate

When you eat dark chocolate, your brain feels like you are in love

Dark chocolate will spur your endorphin in your brain,
therefore more serotonin will be secreted.

5. Walnuts

Walnuts will calm down your anxiety with selenium. 
And, polyphenol in them will help prevent adult diseases

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