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bow legs

 bow legs

 bow legs

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How much will be the cost for bow legs reduction?I'm from the Philippines and I'm interested on this treatment.
Will i undergo to an operation for this one?

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Good Day to you!
Thank you for your queries!
Curved leg care cost P23,000 for 10 sessions,
Our Programs here in Yaksonmyunga does "NOT" require any surgical procedures.
We are a traditional Korean Aesthetic Company specialized in health and body care with a twist.
We offer Bone Therapy a method of remodeling the face and body through alternative massage technique to re-align your bone structure to its original, symmtrical shape.
So, we offer all natural and non-surgical programs here. Hope to see you one day! Me and My team is waiting to take care of your body and health.
Again Thank you very much and if you still have questions pls. feel free to contact us at (02)8929441 or (63)09054393761 for more details.

Kim, Yumin
Phil. Branch Owner

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