Monday, October 20, 2014

[Yakson House] Perfect face balance

Hello, It is raining and cold in Korea.
It is almost the end of October already!! Time really flies.
Today, I am going to talk about Golden ratio. Do you know what gold ratio means?
The gold ration implies perfection in nature and it is also found on the face features. Regardless of ethnicity, age, religion, the face that is closest to golden ratio is always beautiful. If you want to have a golden ratio face, I recommend the face balance program that is offered by Yakson House. I know most of you might think that golden ratio face is genetically inherited and you think it is impossible to change that. Well, It is not entirely true! You can change that if you get rid of your bad habits and get some help. We all have some kind of bad habits and those habits can imbalance your face. For example, resting your chin on your arm or chewing gum with only one side of your jaw may create imbalance on your face. It has improven scientifically that imbalance face can leave poor image on others.