Thursday, October 30, 2014

[Yakson House] The relationship between sleep and beauty

Did you know that sleep takes almost 1/3 part of our lives?
This means sleep is really important and serious stuff.
Sleeping affects not only your health and lifestyle but also your beauty.
So, I am going to talk about tips on "How to live well".

  • The importance of sleep
    Sleep takes one third of your day and one third of your life. Therefore, How you spend these times is really important. While we are sleeping, our body rests and does certain activities to make our body function properly. These activities happen only while we sleep. Can you imagine how important sleep is?

  • How long should we sleep to maintain healthy and balanced life?

   Sleep may sound very simple but there are actually different kinds of sleeping mode. 
The transition of each mode happen every hour and a half during our sleep. According to research, It's necessary to sleep at least 4 hours. From 11 pm to 3 am, Our liver and gall bladder start their activities so we need to fall asleep between those hours. 

  • Beauty and Sleep
    Right sleeping habit is good for your skin and health. While we sleep, our liver become active and detoxify all the bad toxins that has built up during the day. is helps our skin to regenerate well. Therefore we can have bright and firm skin. Many people often think that the less you sleep, the more you burn calories. this is not true.  if you lack sleep, it's likely that your metabolism will slow down and won't burn your calories enough.