Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[Yakson House] Real story ( A girl who has a problem with her face size!)

Attention Everyone~!

I brought a real interview of a girl who has a problem with her face size and shape.

She received a care from Yakson House.

* What was her problem before she received the care from Yakson House?
 - She was teased a lot when she was a child because of her big face size. 
She began to feel insecure about her look and doesn't like taking pictures with others. 
She felt like she looked fatter and didn't look pretty enough. 

* What changed since she received care from Yakson House? 
She started to have well defined features and her baby fat on her face is slowly disappearing. She also feels that her face is getting smaller. I am expecting how I am gonna look after 20 sessions of face resizing program.