Friday, October 31, 2014

[Yakson House] Real story of a girl who has a problem with her big face -Second story -

Hey guys You remember a girl who had a problem with her big and round face?

I brought her second story and she received 5  sessions so far at Yakson House. 

Are you ready to scream? She is experiencing an amazing result!

This girl is 27 years old and She really didn't like her big and round face. 
She had pretty eyes and nose but she looked somehow disproportionate because of her big face size. 

Now her second story begins!

Isn't this amazing? Only 5 sessions made her a different person!

This girl interviewed and said "I can't wait to see myself after all 20 sessions!" ;)

Haha ^^ Her third story is coming up soon so keep your eyes wide!

<Wait a Second!>

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