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Mahattan Massage Shop Review

Yakson House Manhattan Customer Tiza Farmer Review

Mahattan Massage Shop Review

Mahattan Massage Shop Review

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Because Yakson House is well known in Asia I couldn't wait for my massage. I went in for the face lifting care. First they massaged my back, arms and neck. I could feel the stress leaving my body. Then they messaged my face. After that I received bone therapy. If anything you can always ask them to soften or add more pressure. 
They adapt according to person which is good. After wards I received a facial. In the end I notice good changes in my face. Everything they did seemed precise and important. There are so many different programs to choose from. 5 different types of care: Face, Body, Body Type, Beauty and special. The staff was very friendly. I plan to set up another appointment ASAP. It was a excellent way to end my day.

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Thank you for sharing your experience on our website. we really appreciate it ^^
It's really great to hear that you enjoyed your  bone therapy  massage sessions at a good atmosphere.
Also, we are glad to hear that your legs and backs face swellings have gotten better! 
We will always try our best to provide a bone therapy that would give beauty and health at the same time.
Thank you again for sharing your experience, and please stop by again if you have any questions^^

 Yak Son House Manhattan Branch
 Owner  Hae  S. Choi  and  Staffs.

Yakson House Manhattan Branch
Owner: Choi, Hae suk
Address: 38W 32nd St. #601 New York NY 10001
Hours: 10:00 ~22:00
Telephone: 212-564-7474

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Yakson House NY Branch : 212-564-7474

Yakson House Makati Branch : 02)892-9441