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Manhattan Branch Yakson House Review

Manhattan Branch Yakson House Review

Manhattan Branch Yakson House Review

Yakson House Manhattan Customer Prince NY Review

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Because of my interest in Korean culture and beauty, I was in great anticipation for my session at Yakson House.  I had read and heard many things about Yakson House prior to going and the treatments fulfilled all my expectations. It was physically painful but also a very rewarding experience.

I had the Face Reduction Care therapy, which consists of two different massages.  The first massage given by the Sensei, though not unfamiliar, was the one of the best massages I have had in New York.  It was very precise with perfectly appropriate pressures and movements.  And then the second phase took me completely by surprise.  A quick facial was followed up with their signature bone therapy called 'Golgi'.  It was, as I had read; quite painful.  I was told that it brings most people to tears and screams are not uncommon while experiencing this therapy.  In my estimation it was well worth the pain.  The results were immediate and long-lasting.  My sinuses were clearer afterward, my jaw was sharper and streamlined, and my eyes were more open and lifted.  Since it is suggested that a series of sessions would yield better results, I am excited about my next visit to see what further improvements that will bring.

The first Yakson House in the US is on 32nd street in Manhattan.   Treatments can be paid for individually or in packages for a slightly reduced price.  I felt very comfortable paying for one treatment and no sense of pressure to purchase packages.  The building and decor of the salon was not exactly luxurious, but the small staff of four were very welcoming and friendly.  
I look forward to my next session and the possibilities!

Reply Message

Thank you for sharing your experience on our website. we really appreciate it ^^
It's really great to hear that you enjoyed your  bone therapy  massage sessions at a good atmosphere.
Also, we are glad to hear that your legs and backs face swellings have gotten better! 
We will always try our best to provide a bone therapy that would give beauty and health at the same time.
Thank you again for sharing your experience, and please stop by again if you have any questions^^

  Yak Son House Manhattan Branch
 Owner  Hae  S. Choi  and  Staffs.

Yakson House Manhattan Branch
Owner: Choi, Hae suk
Address: 38W 32nd St. #601 New York NY 10001
Hours: 10:00 ~22:00
Telephone: 212-564-7474

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Yakson House NY Branch : 212-564-7474

Yakson House Makati Branch : 02)892-9441