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Yakson House : Best massage I`ve ever received

Yakson House : Best massage I`ve ever received

Yakson House : Best massage I`ve ever received

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It was my 4th time to get a massage at Yakson Hosue.  I got the 200 minutes session which is abloutely great.  Yakon`s massage therapists are professional and they really know what they`re doing.  They did a geat job stretching my legs and my back that helped me roll away the stress.  The next day I was a little sore but it was getting better.

 My favorite part was that end of the massage, they rubbled a hot and cool towels all over my body.The atmosphere is completely relaxing and the staff wre amazing and really cool. Everyone was pretty respectful of keeping the silence. I am definitely going back next time! Best massage I`ve ever received.

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Hi, Ms. Lucy Kim.

We are glad to hear that your stress has relieved^^
Your result was great because, as a client, you trusted our golgi techniques.
We will always try our best to provide a relaxing atmosphere and happy smiles.
And please stop by again^^ we'll look forward to that day.
Thank you!

 Yak Son House Manhattan Branch
 Owner  Hae  S. Choi  and  Staffs.

Yakson House Manhattan Branch
Owner: Choi, Hae suk
Address: 38W 32nd St. #601 New York NY 10001
Hours: 10:00 ~22:00
Telephone: 212-564-7474

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