As you grow older, have you ever thought that your face line is not distinct, or the center line of your face is off the center? Or haven't you seen a picture of you that you actually tried to smile brightly but just your one side of the end of your lips turned up? Today, YAKSON introduces the causes and solutions of an unbalanced face, which is acquired or worsened, and how to make a balanced face.

<Habit of creating an unbalanced face>

1. Open your mouth widely.
If you open your mouth too large, the maxilla and the mandible are displaced and your face become asymmetric.

Resolution >>>
When you eat food, you should put a small amount of food and eat it with your mouth closed. It is also better to open your mouth small when you 
It is better to open your mouth small when you yawn.

2. Use only one side of your body.
If you continue to use your body on only one side, cross the legs, such as chewing on one side or using only one hand, your body may develop asymmetrically and it effects your face become asymmetrical. 

Resolution >>>
Consciously, it is better to use both sides of your body evenly.

3. Cup your chin in one’s hand OR Sleep on the side.

Sleeping only on one side or cupping your chin in your hand can also cause facial unbalancing.
Make sure you sleep in the right position and it is better to do not cup your chin.
Also, if you have cupped your right chin and you try to cup your right chin instead of the left chin to correct the unbalancing, it can result in more damage.

Do not forget that self-correction is not an answer.
If you would like to correct your body posture and face unbalancing, it is advisable to consult a specialist.

Yakson Beauty’s Balanced Face Care.

Yakson Beauty has a system that analyzes where the face asymmetry comes from, sets the order to correct it, and proceed to manage it.
Whole body is connected. Yakson Beauty does not only take care of face. In case of Balanced Face Care, we firstly correct the balance of the pelvis. We take care of your face and body by identifying the root of the problem. 
Find your real face and confident and balanced body with YAKSON BEAUTY.

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