Our eyes easily get dry, especially in weather changing seasons.
Dry eyes is a chronic and prevalent concern in the modern workplace.

The ultraviolet rays in autumn and winter are not weaker than those in summer.
If you have had Lasik surgery before, dry eyes could become worse than before.

Why does dry eyes arise in weather changing season?

Symptoms of dry eyes and dry eye syndrome include:
itchy eyes, sore eyes, aching sensations, photophobia (light sensitivity),
easily fatigued eyes.
It tends to get tired should you have active in the afternoon.

Then how can we get rid of dry eyes?
Keep desirable indoor humidity, preferred humidity is about 60-70%.
Should you use an air conditioner or heater for a long time,
you have to air your room frequently.

Reduce your smartphone-using time and also remove your eyes from television and computer. Your should take a rest while using your smartphone.

Put artificial tears frequently so your eye could stay moist.
I had Lasik surgery before, so I think I have to take care of my eyes too :)

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