[YAKSON MAKATI] Beauty Editor's real case study: Small Face Care(10sessions)

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Yakson beauties!
💓love to share Yakson Makati's beauty editor's desired result 
after 10sessions of her small face care🙆

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Smaller face achieved without surgery!

After I completed the 10 sessions of @yakson_global’s Small Face Care program, I must say that their services are really effective!! As a proof, we compared my face before entering their small face program with gypsum mask and the mask after 10 sessions. My face has become smaller and more symmetrical.

I definitely recommend Yakson House’s services to anyone who wants to achieve smaller face in a natural way. 🌝💕 Kudos to director Kim yu min and her staff for their wonderful service! Thank you Yakson Makati! ❤️ 

Her cheekbones appear well-positioned in relation to each other and in fact, quite charming!👍
Rather, the widening of the gap between the temples (temporal bones) may be of greater concern💦

Chronic back stiffness and a sustained, protracted scapula/widening between shoulder blades are symptoms commonly observed among those with similar traits.

At YAKSON, we attend to concerns regarding not only your facial profile,
But also your gerneral health and postural stability💪

She achieved an immaculate face and a gentler look after Small Face Care(10 sessions)💆

Visit her blog for more information💟

Yakson Makati Branch : 02)892-9441 
G4 Perla Mansion 117Don C.Palanca St. Legaspi Village. 
Makati. Philippines  

Yakson The Star Vista Branch:6734-8333
#B1-24 1 Vista Exchange Green Singapore 138617

Yakson Habourfront Branch:6734-8555
1 Maritime Square Harbourfront Center 
#02-17 Singapore

Yakson Wheelock Place Branch:6734-8777
501 Orchard Road Wheelock Place 
#05-12A Singapore


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