Friday, March 23, 2018


All woman dream of entering the wedding hall in the most beautiful look, but excessive diet or unreasonable plastic surgery plans could negatively affect your health.

The period for those who have similar beauty obtained by plastic surgeries or cosmetic injection needles, is gone.

Recently, a global aesthetic brand - Yakson House, receives lots of inquiries from prospective brides who want to maximize their healthy beauty before their wedding.

By using the principle of 'bone massage therapy,' the service of Yakson’s programs stimulates the bones with hands, that is different from the other massage which mainly focuses only on the muscles.

The care also stimulates the bones and muscles to be smoother so that the flow of blood and overall energy circulation will be fine. Moreover, the activities of the organs will be improved which leads to beautiful body shape, small face and flawless skin.

The new concept massage method that maximizes the natural beauty of each person, provides its customers big satisfaction, and it has fulfilled a number of regular customers with sincere service and guarantee policy.

This is the reason why the Bride Care program, which provides a healthy beauty considering the mind of the prospective bride who wants to shine on the wedding day. So the program has become a necessary course for marriage preparation, in South Korea.

In addition, Yakson House has proved the objective improvement of bone therapy by clinical trial with university hospitals and publication of Korean Society of Skin Care.

In order to show off the perfect wedding dress look, it is best to have Bride Care from three months before the wedding ceremony. “The happiness of preparing for marriage and the feeling of happiness for finding one’s natural beauty are the most maximized effects," the CEO of Yakson House KIM, Hyun-sook explained.

Kim said, "After confirming the effects of the health-beauty care of Yakson House through bride care, the customers are more likely to become our lifelong customers who continue to visit us to have other services too, just like: postpartum care, pelvic care and facial balance care. We are proud to say that the bone therapy of Yakson House is upgrading not only the health of our customers but also their quality of life".

Yakson House has 77 branches in South Korea, eight branches and affiliated academies in Japan. Also, it has branch in the United States, the Philippines and China. Yakson has kept the promise to its customers with the management philosophy of responsibility, honesty and transparency as a reliable company for a long time.

Kim said, "These days, healthy and beautiful women are also kind and nice, because the confidence of their appearance is linked to their inner self. I hope that everyone will regain their self-confidence and become kind through the bone massage therapies.”

Based on the corporate ethics of returning corporate profits to the society, Yakson House is donating a large amount of money to universities, multicultural families, and other public organizations annually, and has signed agreements with industry-academic cooperation.

 Yakson Makati Branch : 02)892-9441
 Yakson Singapore  Branch : 6734-8777

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