Monday, March 19, 2018


When you look over the internet, 
you sometimes find some Korean-English words 
that are not familiar to you, called “Konglish.” 
They are written in English but most of the people 
do not understand. No matter how much you think, 
these words have no notice of 
what they actually refer to.

Today, Yakson will be introducing 
the new beauty-related words of Korean people.


A jargon that refers to the body line 
from the back to the waist and pelvis, of a woman.

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The silhouette of the body looks like 
the letter S when viewed from the front or side 
due to the slender waist and the wide pelvis.
It is a silhouette founded by Jacques Fath 
in France in the spring of 1954. 
The skirts were shaped like an alphabet S 
when it was seen from the side, 
and the so-called S curve line got started to be used 
in the Korean fashion industry. 
Eventually, it seems to have been established 
as a term for the line of the body.


It is the silhouette that reminds the alphabet V character. 
In fashion industry, it refers to the silhouette 
of the inverted triangle whose shoulder width is wider 
and narrower toward the end. 
Also, when referring to the face shape,
it usually refers to the slender and beautiful face shape.

It is close to an oval facial shape, 
rather than a rectangular one.
And a sharp jaw line and a pointy jaw 
are the marks of the V-line face.


Last year, the fitness trend among Korean women 
has emerged, called “apple hip” or “apple bottoms.”

The reason why it is called “apple hip” 
is that Koreans prefer to use the word ‘hip,’ 
more than the word ‘bottoms’ or ‘butts.’ 
Moreover, the overall shape of butts looks like an apple!

Rather than a preference for a thin and slender look, 
more and more women have been working out 
towards a healthy and sexy figure instead.
Handfuls of active women with more toned bodies 
have gotten much positive attention 
in light of this trend.

So far, you have learned about 
the funny beauty-related words of Korean people 
together with Yakson House. 
If you get familiar with these new words, 
you would feel closer to more trendy 
Korean beauty tips, right? 
Do not forget these words you learned today 
and be more gorgeous!

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