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Due to the fever of K-pop and K-drama all over the world, Korean culture such as language, food, fashion, makeup, or the lifestyle also became to be spotlighted by a lot of foreigners. Many people started to follow Korean lifestyle such as the way Korean women put their makeup or the way they dress up with unique fashionable items. Today, Yakson will be sharing some interesting Korean cultures – food, fashion and makeup; and the trendy issues of each of the category nowadays.


Korean Food Which Are Steadily Loved by Many People
<Samgyupsal (Korean BBQ), Tteokbokki (spicy stir-fried rice cakes), Bibimbap (mixed rice)>

There are signature Korean dishes which are steadily loved by not only most of Korean people, but also many foreigners. It is said that many Korean foods are spicy, but if you try one of them you will experience deep, detailed and various taste. The foods are also considered to be “beautiful” and “healthy” because Koreans love veggies and prefer less-fatty ones.

Korean Style Fusion Food Which Are Loved by The Younger Generation
<Jajangmyeon (Korean style Chinese noodle), Tonkatsu (Korean style Japanese pork-cutlet), Steak Pane Pasta (Korean style Italian pane pasta)>

Young people nowadays prefer Korean style fusion food. Such foods are based on specific foreign food but have been changed considering preference or taste of Korean people.


Lovely, Girlish, Chic and Comfortable

First of all, Korean women have excellent fashion sense overall. It is one of the areas that many foreigners praise for, aside from the makeup. Appropriate matching of colors and items show how sensible Korean people are. For their fashion, the priority is "comfortableness" and typical looks involve - cute and lovely look with short bottoms, feminine look with a simple and feminine long skirt, and chic yet stylish look with a simple mix match, etc.


Korean makeup emphasizes naturalness. It mainly focuses on expression of skin texture and eye makeup.

Koreans prefer straight or downward eyebrows because they like clean and young look. Also, many ladies in Korea prefer thin and downward eye line more than thick and cat's eye look eye line. Moreover, since East Asia women have less three-dimensional appearance/face than Westerners, they want their eyes to be clearly shown using eye liner and at the same time, they tend to brighten their eyes with bright pearl shadows.

Koreans prefer to have a natural skin and look through watery, moisturizing makeup. For the color selection of cosmetics, they prefer a coral color. The lip colors are mostly natural colors that match the color of their complexion/skin rather than the strong color such as red, and it is preferred to put gradation-look-lip which is natural than the fully-colored lip. For the blusher, they also use small amount of blusher which looks natural (pink or orange color) to make the overall look natural and clean.

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