Thursday, November 2, 2017


In the endless summer season, we used to get exhausted!

Therefore, we are getting more interested in healthy foods.

Super foods are rich in nutrients and helpful in one’s immune system.
Moreover, they prevent “aging”!!

Do you think all super foods are expensive?

Today, Yakson will be introducing the common super food best 5 which is easy to find around us.


Eating 1 or 2 egg(s) a day may help to activate brain function.

Because there is a lot of lecithin in an egg, it strengthens memory and improves ability to think.

Egg yolk contains Lutein and Zeaxanthin which are effective in protecting eyesight, and also good for one’s eye health.

Green Tea

Green tea has many antioxidants such as polyphenols that are effective in preventing prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Drinking an appropriate amount of green tea every day is good for heart protection, immune system, obesity, aging, diabetes prevention, cholesterol lowering, and memory.


Peaches are especially juicy and sweet from July to September!

They are sweet as well as healthy because of its ingredients that are full of benefits.

From ancient times, the ancestors have considered peaches as the key for their disease-free or healthy lives.

Therefore, we can say that peaches are natural and nutritional supplements that strengthen human’s immune system and blood circulation.


Even if you only eat two or three potato(es) a day, you can get enough of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C as adults.

Vitamin B6 in potatoes also helps activate hormones, especially melatonin and serotonin, that help brain nerve cells function smoothly.

Brown Rice

First of all, brown rice contains a lot of policosanol.
Policosanol is abundant in beta-sitosterol which lowers harmful cholesterol.
it rapidly breaks down fat and improves physical strength, and it contains phytic acid that inhibits cancer cell differentiation. It is also good for diet and helps prevent various diseases and cancers.

So far, you have learned about 5 best super food with Yakson, which can be easily found everywhere.

Those 5 super foods are common but the effects are great!

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