Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Office worker “A” has been working in a company for a year. Her friends and “A” met after a long time. They did not see each other for a while due to busy working. Anyway, the most often heard words for “A” were about her appearance such as "Why you look so older and tired?," and "You look very old after a year."

Job stress felt in the office is significantly important to pay attention because it affects the employees’ physical and mental health, as well as the job satisfaction.

Overwork, irregular eating habits, and constant night-over-time are fetal risk factors for the employees. A global aesthetic brand “Yakson House” will introduce the impact of stress on human body and how to deal with such problems.
Stress is called the origin of all of the diseases. In particular, we, living in modern society, are more closely related to stress. Even the ability to control stress became a prerequisite when recruiting new employees in a company.

Stress has the most impact on liver, which is responsible for the immune system of our body. This can cause skin problems as well as muscle tension and blood circulation disorders. In addition to this, when you are stressed, your body may have heat coming up to your face, causing edema and enlarging your face.

Our mindset is the most important key to minimize stress, especially in a way to set clear goals. It is easier to control stress if you set specific goals, such as a certain financial goal or honorable achievement.
You must also abandon your excess greed and move on with your own beliefs and goals. It is a shortcut to get the stress to compare oneself with others and to be excessively dependent on the others’ words or advices.
Regular whole-body care and massage are another way to relieve stress. Stress can be alleviated because a person can feel sympathetic and loved by having such cares or therapies. Not only this, but also the mental health can be helped by the change of the appearance due to the beauty and health cares which leads an individual to love oneself, more than before.

On the other hand, the systematic and specialized therapy program of Yakson is not only relaxing the minds and bodies of the customers, but also has a great beauty effect that many office workers visit to relieve their stress and to obtain genuine beauty.

Let's be a smart employee who is free from stress by the basic mind-set and the management method which relaxes the body and mind, referring the tips mentioned earlier.

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