Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Look Younger, How to look Younger Naturally, Face Looking Young

Dong-an Secret
Written by Byeong-cheol Lee, Hyoun-sook Kim
Price 11,000 won

Yakson House published ‘Dong-an Secret’ based on the know-how about Golgi Therapy on November 4th. President Byeng-cheol Lee and director Hyoun-sook Kim collaborated in writing a book about self golgi massage. It explains how to get a small face and slim body by oneself. In the introduction, she explains why she wrote the book. She said anyone become more beautiful with a effort. ‘Dong-an Secret’ consists of 10 items for face designing and 11 items for body designing. Each item like how to be a V-line face, look younger, have pretty eyes, nose and lips, escape from a fat body and get a S-line body. Covers three steps with pictures, illustrations and text. You will see a different your image if you choose three items and do each item while 3 minutes and then keep it 3 weeks. This unique practical book including experiences and recommendation of beautiful celebrities Eugene, Hanbyul Park, Jieun Oh and Jungyun Choi is available in on and off line book store.

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