Thursday, October 26, 2017


Alternative Food Diet TIP

Are you planning to go on a diet?

From the moment one decides to go on a diet, she/he tends to get more appetite than ever..!

Moreover, she/he even feels tired all the time with lack of energy.

The balance of calories and exercise are not always easy.

But do you know that if we take care of a few of the foods we eat in our daily lives, we can reduce calorie intake without much effort?

One of the media in UK introduced that we can lose 10 kg without dieting even if we only change the type of food we eat.

Today, Yakson will introduce the alternative food diet for the many dieters. Let's take a look!

Sirloin Steak → Tenderloin Steak

Protein content of the two meats are similar, but the difference of fat and calories is big.

Moreover, it is a fact that the iron content is more than 25% higher in tenderloin steak!

Latte → Black Coffee

The calories we drink unintentionally are higher than we thought.

We often do not consider beverages as high-calorie food. However, for example, the calories of caramel macchiato are about 200 calories.

Drinking black coffee instead of such beverages is a good alternative because it has only little calories.

Sweets → Fruit or dark chocolate

Sometimes you want to eat sweet foods after having your meal.

Then, try to eat fruit or dark chocolate at this time because you can lose weight and it is also good for your health.

Fruits have a lot of fiber, so it keeps the feeling of satiety longer.

Dark chocolate also has rich antioxidant so it is also good for your health!

Yellow Bell Pepper → Green Bell Pepper

The green bell pepper has a lower potassium content than the yellow bell pepper, but has more than twice vitamin A and vitamin B6 content as it helps to strengthen the immune system.

Even with the same amount, the green bell pepper is 13 calories lower than the yellow bell pepper, so do not forget about this fact!

What bell pepper to choose? “Green bell pepper!”

Orange Juice → Tomato Juice

Although the difference in calories is not great, tomatoes are rich in lycopene and antioxidant, which is better for dieting and for preventing cancer and heart disease.

Tomatoes contain less vitamin C than orange, but more potassium and beta-carotene.

So, we now learned about dietary substitutes with Yakson House.

So what are some other good dieting methods together with these alternate food diets?

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Still having hard time doing the diet?

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