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New year's resolution has not gone well, how about color therapy<Shutterstock>

[color therapy]
color therapy keeps my body, my health

Diet, to make it out

So many people decide to stop smoking and drinking.
One more thing they decide is diet.
Obesity is the worst disease that harms health.
It also make body fat.

Knowing that, it is not easy to beat temptation of delicious food.
Now, we can use color therapy.
Let's start easier and continuous diet.

Sense of sight is more important than the sense of taste. <gettyimages>

Food, eat with eyes?

An blind test, people felt same coffee in different bottle was tasted different.
They felt the coffee in the darker bottle more strong.

Actually, tasting only takes 1% and sight takes 87%.
Color therapy is beginning from this fact.

Let's control appetite by color

We know color can influence food tasting.
Then, do color really affect appetite?

There is another experiment prove that
red table wear can make people eat more than the white one.
Blue or purple color give message 
like the food contains poison, bitter taste, or gone bad.
This is a kind of Halo effect.

Color for diet, blue and purple

So color can affect to appetite.
Kitchen or dinning room's wall takes 70% of the space.
Plate takes 25%, and table takes 5% of the space.

Coloring kitchen wall is not a good idea.
Changing your table mat or cutlery to blue types,
or using blue plate can help your diet.
On the other hand, for children should use warm color things.

Remember! Most important thing is health.
Enough sleep and eat leisurely.
It can help your diet, as well.

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