Thursday, April 30, 2015


10 Soy crab

Soy crab is called 'rice theft' in Korea.
Because you cannot stop eating it with rice.
put it on the hot rice, and mix rice on the crab shell.
It is such a great taste.
It may be little strange to foreigners, once taste it,
they just fall in love with soy crab.

9 Sausage stew

Sausage stew was made after Korean War.
It doesn't look nice, but smell is just so good.
Put Kimchi, noddles, macaroni, spam, cheese and vegetables
into boiling hot soup. 
Important thing is there are no other food,
that taste like it.

8 Kimchi stew

Friends from other countries don't know the thing
that Kimchi can transform to many different food.
From stew to soup, even can be fried rice,
with Kimchi can make a lot of different food.

7 Instant noddles

The love of Korean, noddles, have so many types.
Most popular one is Shin Ramyun(noddles in Korean).
Very important thing in cooking noddles, is the boiling method.
Masters have their own time, temperature and even ingredients.

6 Chicken and beer

Each one of them is already yummy food, 
but those two together is the best combination.
Friday night or weekend dinner, chicken and beer combination
 cannot be compared with anything.

5 Black-bean-sauce noodles(jajangmyeon)

At Chinese restaurant, we always have trouble selecting one
between Black-bean-sauce noodles and Spicy seafood noddles.
The appealing point of this food is taste, short waiting and low price.

4. Pork belly BBQ

Pork belly is loved by anyone, anytime.
With friends, family and company dinner, 
Pork belly is the perfect food that can enjoy together.
So this food is the best 4 Korean food.

3 Soft tofu stew

In Korea, soft tofu stew is the best lunch menu.
Hot and light soup is tasty, also with lots of ingredients
 it can be nice to everyone.

2 Kimchi

Maybe this is so natural, so could be little boring,
Kimchi is the most representative food.
In western restaurant, steak house and Japanese restaurant,
any place we can have Kimchi.

1 Hangover soup

The most representative food in Seoul is Hangover soup.
The day after drinking, everyone want Hangover soup.
For foreigners it can be for a meal.

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