Thursday, April 30, 2015


Let's follow eye exercise
Eye Health Exercise

Spring gives us beautiful weather,
on the other hand, it is the weather of 
pollen allergies, eye infections and respiratory disease.

Today, we learn about exercise that
prevent eye infection and tired eyes.
First, spring is season of dryness and dust.
So there are risk of tears, redness and inflammation.
If you neglect it, you could have complications, 
also could affect to vision.

For prevention, eye exercise is the best. 

How to:
1. Look up at your eyes for 10 seconds.
2. Look at the bottom for 10 seconds.
3. Look at left, right for each 10 seconds.

Or you can massage muscles around eyes.
Make sure your hands are clean.

Food good for eyes

Food good for eyes are tomato, spinach, blue berries and carrot.
These food contains rich vitamin A, C, so is the best food for eyes.
And the external blue colored fish is also good for eyes.
They contains omega 3, that improve blood circulation and active brains.

50 minutes study and 10 minutes break.
 This can protect eyes of student study all day.
It is very good way to keep you eye sight that
see in the distance.

If you watching TV or smartphone,
you have to consciously blink your eyes.

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