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Unbalanced Face

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 Many people inquire about unbalanced face. Unbalanced face is not a recent problem. There have always been people with unbalanced faces.

 This is just an indication that people in the 21 Century have become more aware of esthetics and health. While heredity does play a role in unbalanced face, the biggest cause is diet. It can also be caused by stress or by some problem in other organs.

 Virtually nobody on earth has perfectly balanced face. But if the imbalance on your face is clearly visible, the experience is far from pleasant. In fact, many people around you would see the imbalance on your face and get stressed by it.

 There are many ways to treat unbalanced face. For some, cosmetic surgery might be the only option. But for most of us, improving blood circulation of the face is good enough for restoring the balance. Altering the diet can also be an excellent way.

 At Yakson House, we restore firmness to the bones of the face and relax the facial muscles to treat the imbalance.

 Are you concerned that your face is unbalanced? Please visit the nearest Yakson House branch and we will take care of everything.

- Lee Byung-Chul, Representative of Yakson House


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