[Yakson House] Groom care/ bride and groom care/care for wedding

Photo by Tim Dorr

Are you dreaming Romantic wedding?
You need to make clear skin and good body shape for your perfect wedding!
There is a program for wedding, especially groom, it helps to relieve your wedding stress.

"Groom Care Program"
<Problem Solving>
1) Problem
- Groom getting married
- Not photogenic
- Rock-faced
- Stiff shoulder
- Large pores
- Dull skin

2) Effect
- Photogenic
- Smooth-faced
- Pore minimized
- Brightening skin
- Shoulder relaxing

Back resilience care > arm relaxing care > collarbone & shoulder care >
face expression relaxing care > Facial mask pack

<Program duration/cost>
During 1 hour~1 hour 30 minutes, program for best skin condition and photogenic on wedding day for groom is USD 380 for 4 sessions.


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