[Yakson House] The 6 Weirdest Celebrity Beauty Tips

The 6 Weirdest Celebrity Beauty Tips

1. Miranda Kerr uses lip balm as a shimmery highlighter around her eyes
2. Catherine Zeta-Jones keeps her hair looking hot by dousing it in beer
3. Snooki swears by kitty litter to exfoliate
4. Denise Richards puts avocado on her hair for deep conditioning results
5. Jennifer Love Hewitt calms zits with toothpaste
6. Lady Gaga uses tape to remove eye make up
7. Sienna Miller fixes hair color flaws with ketchup
8. Lisa Rinna uses cinnamon oil for a plumped-up pout
9. Teri Hatcher adds red wine to the bath to soften her skin
10. Miranda Kerr uses a spoon instead of an eyelash curler for a wid-eyed look

Source: Women's Health(http://www.womenshealthmag.com/beauty/beauty-tips#.)


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