Wednesday, February 12, 2014

[Yakson House] Golf Care/ Body care for children/ Bone-stimulating golgi therapy/ how to improve concentration

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 Is your child underperforming in academics despite the amount of time they spend studying? Then, maybe the problem is probably with their concentration and health. Children who are easily distracted usually suffer from low calcium levels; it's important to do activity. so, today I'm gonna introduce the Golf Care for your child!

[What is your child health problem?]

1. Unbalanced body
2. Shoulder pain
3. Crooked back
4. Always tired
5. Poor posture for golf swing

[The effect of Golf care]

1. Slim arms
2. Balanced body
3. Good posture for golf swing
4. Healthy
5. Feeling fresh in the morning

[The process of Golf care]

[Program duration/cost]
During 1 hour, body care for good posture and best condition is USD 1,400 for 10 sessions.