[Yakson House] The global aesthetic brand, Yakson House soaring into the world

Yakson House chairman

The global aesthetic brand, Yakson House is soaring into the world!

Stories of miraculous encounters are always wonderful, wherever they are in the world. 
The meeting between Chairman Lee Byung Chul and CEO Kim Hyun Suk is one of them. 
Chairman Lee Byung Chul was famous for the Golki therapy in Masan 30 years ago. 
yakson house CEO

 CEO Kim Hyun Suk then running her own skin care shop, head of his fame and visited him. That was the moment when qi(energy) met beauty. With respect to the reason why Korean unique emotion "Yakson"is also loved abroad, Chairman Lee Byung Chul said, 
"We apply tailored management programs by figuring out locals' features of each country." 30 years has passed since the establishment of the Yakson House, which now has 77 domestic branches and 10 overseas ones: one branch in New York, one in the Philippines and seven branches and an academy in Japan.

yakson house director

 Moreover, the Golki therapy course was opened as a regular program in the United States, specifically in the California Trinity University. Nowadays, Chairman Lee-Byung-Chul is busy preparing for advanced into Chinese markets. He said, "We have been surveying Chinese markets over the last five years. We are scheduled to launch main shops one by one first in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Tianjin. When steadily armed with a system of directly managing about 30 branches in China, we plan to accept more franchises there." 

yakson house executives

He has already found a local subsidiary in China and is planning to open 40 overseas branches in other countries. We can't wait for the day when Korea's unique 'Yakson' will be a world-class distinctive aesthetic brand, representing the original Korean culture.  

 massage therapists

Yakson House gives you massage services 
with responsible, honest, and clear philosophy.

"What the customers have to do is lying on the bed, 
follow the directions and give themselves to the hands of the therapists"



  1. I do hope for another branch in the Philippines to :)

    1. We do! Thank you for visiting our Yakson House! I'll let you know about the news for having another branch in the Philippines! good day!XD

  2. Hi i m Jessey Ang. Can i ask regarding will you do franchise business in Malaysia. Because i interested with this business. Please give me response with thanks


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