Friday, September 27, 2013

[Yakson House Program] Head, Neck, and frozen shoulder massage to relieve pain

Yaskon House offers you head, neck, and frozen shoulder massage to feel refreshed and relive pain

Many people suffer from head, neck or shoulder pain with daily. 
Especially, workers  with 9 to 5 jobs want to reduce stress and release tight muscles around head.  
Wrong postures, unhealthy lifestyle patterns, prolonged use of computer, and so on..
These all cause stiffness and pain in around neck, head. 

head, neck, and frozen shoulder massage
 Massage will provide more flexibility and blood circulation is improved on your neck. 
If you get a neck massage to relieve tension and stress, you will feel more relaxed which will give you an overall calming feeling. 
head, neck, and frozen shoulder massage
 shoulder pain is the second most common cause of occupational injury claims. And it's also a major complaint for individuals seeking healthcare. Because of the shoulder's unique anatomy, it's easily over stressed or injured through acute and repetitive over activity. For frozen shoulders, treatment should always be directed by a trained health-care practitioner at Yakson House.  
head, neck, and frozen shoulder massage
And you can reach across your body with the right hand to massage your neck. Grab your trapezius(a big muscle on top of your shoulder) and grab a squeeze for 10 secs. Next move slightly to a different spot. you can do it as many time as want. you can also do the other side too. 

The process of Shoulder-Neck-Head massage

Shoulder care▶Neck care▶ Head care▶ Decorte care▶Neck relaxation care

head, neck, and frozen shoulder massage

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follow the directions and give themselves to the hands of the therapists"