Wednesday, August 14, 2013

[Beauty Tips] The forehead: how to make a beautiful forehead, beauty secrets of the forehead

beautiful forehead
In hot summer weather, what do you do? have you ever worried about your forehead? 
When I was young, I hated my giant forehead. :( so, I had to have bangs cuz of a minefield of zits. Still now I feel like my forehead looks bigger wondering if there is a hairstyle that works best. 
beautiful forehead
But, many Korean celebrities prefer a hairstyle which reveals their forehead like Yakson Celebrity Customer, Koo Ha Ra (More info, please click THIS
According to a study from plastic surgeons in Korea, Koo Ha Ra was admired for the best face shape due to her round forehead and sharp jawline. Also, It makes people  feel adorable and lovable!! XD 

From now on, let's go figure out how to make a beautiful forehead!
beautiful forehead massage

▶ A Big Forehead

In case of a giant forehead on one's side, make the picture-like fists. 
place them on your forehead and apply firm pressure around the center of it but do not press hard enough to cause pain. hold them for a couple of seconds, repeat it 8 times.

beautiful forehead massage
▶ A Flat Forehead

Put your thumbs next to your eyebrows and the rest 4 finger on the back hair. Apply steady firm pressure and hold it for 4 seconds. Massage the area in a circular motion.

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