Friday, August 30, 2013

Yakson House main branch, Apgujeong
 In a donwtown area, Seoul, I wanna go somewhere walking around the tree-line streets. When the leaves begin to fall in autumn, I think tree-lined street called Sinsadong garosu-gil let me stress out. XD
This is a picture of garosu-gil in autumn. If I choose only one destination amongst the autumn colours out of Korea tourist attractions, I must say garosu-gil is considered the most beautiful with the  lined red and yellow trees.
 Along with the Garosu-gil, you can see 'Apgujeong Rodeo Street' where you can see leading fashion trends, customer friendly shops, foreign brand shops with high-quality good.
The young, who are passionate about fashion and trends, crowd Apgujeong's Rodeo Street like Hong Ik University. If you are looking for a new and unusual food, clothes. or accessories, this is a perfect destination for you.  

Also, there is a Yakson House main branch located in Apgujeong where you can get a massage and care program there. :D

For your interest in Korean culture and beauty and in great anticipation for your sessions, Yakson House tries to fulfill all my expectations for your treatments.

if you are curious about the quality of the service or how it makes you feel, just visit and try out. There are various surprising massage services for you to feel relaxed and good pressure. 

If you walk straight from Exit #3 of Apgujeong Station and turn left into the alley after Nonghyup on the left. Enter the big brown door by the street on the second building on the left.

yakson house

Yakson House gives you massage services 
with responsible, honest, and clear philosophy.

"What the customers have to do is lying on the bed, 
follow the directions and give themselves to the hands of the therapists"

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