Monday, August 26, 2013

[Yakson house program] How to reduce stress through massage

reduce stress through massage

How can massage actually reduce stress? 

How do you often get a massage shop?  
Do you have stiff shoulders and neck all the time after work? 

According to a study, massage therapy has been shown to be a means by which stress can be reduced significantly on physical and psychological levels. 

As many 9 to 5 workers feel unfavorable whenever they do prolonged use of computers at work.  
I think getting a massage is important because stress is considered a risk factor for many chronic diseases, and stress can make any symptoms you have worse. 

reduce stress through massage

here is a massage program for you.  

Shoulder-Neck-Head Care!!

 stress through massage
▲ Shoulder-Neck-Head Massage Program
As you see the picture, this program is provided in turn :
Shoulder care▶Neck care▶ Head care▶ Decorte care▶Neck relaxation care 
Why does a person get naked? 
Well... I don't know because I have to simply explain the massage program!!!! XD

The benefits of massage are: 

Relax your neck and shoulders

make your neckline longer and collarbone line much prettier

reduce stress through massage

Most people suffer from tension from in their necks and shoulders in their lives due to poor posture, bad working positions, and heavy bags. 

So, why don't you ease the pain with Golki therapy for your relaxation and pain relief?

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* Golki therapy? 
The Golki therapy is the therapy using the oriental bone remedy that stimulates bone with hand pressure helping blood circulation and nutrition supply on body from the oriental medicine principle. The biggest advantage of the Golki therapy is there is no side effect. It helps to get your body good blood circulations, it’s not only good for your skin but also good for your beauty and health.

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