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The cause of constipation is not exactly known.
Generally, constipation is often caused by large intestine or rectum’s function disorder of the body. Currently, constipation can also be caused by eating habits, which can lead to slow intestinal activity. Eating dairy products and processed foods, drinking lack of water, meat-eating habits, excessive flour intake, and lack of exercise may cause hard and dry stools. 

People do not think it is a disease until their constipation gets worse, but constipation is a serious disease, so proper solution is needed before it gets worse.

Constipation may cause any inconvenience for everyday life, I will tell you good foods for constipation.


Radish contains a lot of dietary fiber that stimulates intestinal motility.
It absorbs the moisture of our body, increases the amount of the stool, and cleans the intestines.
The reason why it is good for our body is due to the nutrition of amylase which is contained in radish.
Amylase and enzymes that degrade proteins are effective for indigestion.
So radish also has a nickname called natural digestive medicine.
It also contains a component called goitrogen, which can cause hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. If your thyroid gland is weak, it is recommended to eat cooked radish.


Kelp is a representative food that increases the amount of bowel.
The abundant dietary fiber of kelp helps to speed up the process that the food to pass through the bowel. And it also good for preventing cancer of the large intestine.
Kelp contains potassium and laminin, which lower blood pressure and prevent arteriosclerosis. In addition, the rich alginate ingredients of kelp lower cholesterol.

sweet potato

Sweet potato is a carbohydrate food, but it contains a very rich dietary fiber, which makes the bowel movement active. So sweet potatoes are good for constipation as well as good diet food.
If you cut the sweet potato in half, you can see a white liquid called alapin on the cross section. This allapin softens the stomach and helps correct bowel movements.
It also has a high potassium content, helping to regulate blood pressure and release sodium in the body.
Please note that dietary fiber is more abundant when you eat steamed one.

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