Tuesday, October 17, 2017


When a special occasion is coming up, most of women want to wear new clothes and change their hairstyles to make the day special and unforgettable.

Dreaming to become the most popular and beautiful lady in the event, with nice dress, bag, and heels, the girl standing in front of the mirror feels excitement. However, those who found their belly fat, big legs, or chubby forearms, are likely to get a big disappointment.

For the majority of women, the parts of body where the fat is easily gained are abdomen, thighs, face, and forearms in order. Particularly, the forearms and the waist that affects the whole body silhouette, stand out boldly even though they gain only little fat.

Today, Yakson will introduce the characteristics of the unpleasant fat in the specific part of body and the ways to deal with them.

It is also called “fat from the age” because it cannot be easily reduced by the general procedures. This is troublesome especially during the summer season, since the outfits become grief. So, it is important to reduce the fat of heavy forearm by discharging the body wastes accumulated between the muscles through the vibration.

Tip: Clench your fist lightly like “holding an egg in the palm of your hand” and lightly tap from the armpit along the arm. The direction of tapping is an important point that gives an uplift vibration.
This simple massage stimulates the lymphatic circulation and discharges the body wastes through the underarms. Moreover, the vibration helps to shrink the muscles.

Belly Fat
It is often the case that the body fat is excessively accumulated or the body is not able to release carbon dioxide, which results the “swelling.” Those who have abdominal obesity with excessive fat are recommended to have exercises such as jogging, walking, tennis, swimming, etc. If you’re the type of having abdominal obesity that frequently occurs, it is recommended to adjust the body shape through “breathing exercise.”

Tip: Effective breathing exercise for belly fat is as follows. Inhale with your nose just like you expand your lungs to the side and then exhale with your mouth with the thinking that you’re like releasing out the gas. Repeat this breathing exercise for about 5 minutes every day and you will get noticeable fat reduction effect.

★ Thigh
Asian women often have thin upper body and chubby lower body. Especially, the hip line that is not elastic and fat thighs are considered to be the main culprit that ruins the smooth figure of legs by giving dull and masculine atmosphere overall. Furthermore, the thighs and legs are muscles that cannot be easily solved by exercise only.

Tip: The thick and chubby thigh, also known as the "elephant leg", can be solved with the Kegel exercise. It is a repetitive exercise that is beneficial to the pelvic and uterine health. This gives tension to the thighs as well as the hips and uterus, which has the effect of burning unnecessary fat.

However, since the legs can be transformed into "O-shaped" by repeating the Kegel exercise. So, it is necessary to repeat the exercise with the knees attached and the heels up.

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