Monday, October 30, 2017


"The difference between the two sides is too much."
"I have different eye shapes or different shapes of double eyelid."

Today, this post would help for those who have a lot of problems in makeup because of the different symmetry of their faces!

Today, Yakson will be introducing imbalanced face correcting make-up.

The first is eyebrow!

If one brow arch is higher, use the eyebrow shaver to adjust the thickness of the lower part of the brow arch and arrange the upper part to align the brow arch.

Moreover, when you draw your eyebrows, adjust each shape of the eyebrows to be equal to another, so that they will be perfectly symmetric.

The second is eye makeup!

There are a lot of people suffering from “mismatched eyes” or in other words, they are concerning their eyes that are irregular in size.

Especially if you have double eyelids only on one side, or if you have small/inner double eyelids, you may feel a lot of difficulty in putting your eye make-up.

If so, let me tell you how to solve such problem!

The correct answer is not the eyeliner but the “eye shadow!”

Apply light brown shadows on an eyelid with small double eyelid which helps to make the symmetry between the two eye shapes.

Then, as you draw the eye line, apply dark brown shadow. Draw thinly and closely to eyelash mucosa, on the eyelid that has bigger double eyelid. And on the side of the small double eyelids, apply the eye shadow as you draw your eye line, slightly thicker, to make a symmetrical eye! It's not difficult!

If make-up is not enough, it's a good idea to have help from an expert!

Balance your face with Yakson’s program

If your jaw is asymmetric,
If your eye shape is different,
If your cheekbone is asymmetric,

We are providing you the confidence in your appearance with balanced body and face!

Do you know that it is easy to distract the balance of your face, such as supporting the chin in one’s hands or chewing food on only one side?

Balanced beauty is created in the way that usual lifestyle habits and if you need help, Yakson House is always here for you!

 Yakson Makati Branch : 02)892-9441
 Yakson Singapore  Branch : 6734-8777

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