Monday, October 5, 2015



Now, we are in the middle of Autumn. 
Weather is getting cold, and it is easy to get a cold and flu.
To prevent your body from this weather, 
tea therapy is going to be the best solution.

Tea therapy will help your to relieve anxiety, encourage detox and 
certain aliments.
So, we are about to share some tips about tea therapy for Autumn.

1. Astragalus Tea

If you are face is swelling every time you wake up in the morning, 
we highly recommend since astragalus tea is good for diuretic.
Besides, if you gets tired easily or stressful all the time,
this would work for you very well.
It also helps the immune system correct blood disorders:)

2. Corn Silk Tea 

Corn silk tea is well known for diet. Many people are already 
drink it like water these days. 
This is also perfect to cool down your body.

3. Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh tea is made out of fermenting the tea leaves. Usually,
the tea leaves take long time to become Pu-erh tea since 
it has to be storing for a long under high humidity. 
This helps you lose weight, control cholesterol,
 increase in energy and metabolism, and digest well.
It can fat decomposed in your body, it is good after you eat oily or greasy food.

4. Eucommia Leaf Tea

Eucommia leat tea comes from the bark of a tree in Asia.
It is getting popular for Geriatric Therapeutics since it has 
a lot of health benefit. It has been used for fatigue, 
stiffness, arthritis, stress, and impotence in China. 
It makes blood pressure low, so if you have high blood pressure, 
how about eucommia leaf tea after dinner tonight?

5. Red Bean Tea

When red beans was boiled by water, 
potassium comes out from the red beans, so 
it helps to remove edema and prevents your body
from water discharging.

There is another tip for removing facial swelling!
It is Face Resizing Care at YAKSON.

Face swelling around your face muscle is
 usually caused by blood circulation

This face resizing care system will make your face
silm with no swelling.

There are many different types of teas in the world.
If you can find some types of teas that goes with your 
body type so well, you will be able to keep your body

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