Monday, July 27, 2015


Hello Girls!

Let's start another great week by boosting your energy with exercise!
Today, I've prepared something that you would be interested in :)

I know a lot of you have tried different exercises.
It's known that everyone needs different exercises by their body type.
Know your type of exercise today and enjoy it!

1. Yoga

Some people think yoga is just an exercise for stretching.
But, that's not true!

It uses up a lot of your calories since this exercise is mixed with
all of the three most important exercises:
stretching, aerobic, and muscle strengthening exercise.

You will also feel relaxed when you do yoga!

2. Pilates

Many people got instant results on their body by doing Pilates.

As this exercise was designed for muscle strengthening without pain,
they said their pain in the neck, back, and spine disappeared.

It is really great for your body slimming as well
since it makes your thick muscles slim and flexible

3. Personal Training (PT)

Without aerobic exercises, you can NOT lose weight easily!
Not eating is not a single way to lose weight girls.

Your personal trainer will help you have a right position when you workout.
Also he or she can intensify the workout.
Therefore, you lose weight so much faster than any other exercises.

4. Group PT

Examples of Group PT are Zumba and cycling.

If you don't want to spend money on PT,
Group PT could be an alternative.

This exercise is a lot of fun because you do it with other people
who have the same purpose like you!

Enjoy your exercise and become healthier!

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