[Yakson House] Weight care/ Weight/ loss weight/ lose weight/ diet/ slimmer body

<<Weight care program>>

 The client was short, carried excess weight in the lower body and had an attrctive face. The client received weight care program; and per client request received extra care for an attractive lower body hip line. Therefore, the client received concentrated care in the lower body for an attractive hip line.

 Through golki therapy and myofacial care, the cellulite in the abdomen and arms were eliminated. Back care was also provided to make the back line slimmer. The face is slightly asymmetrical, so through golki therapy the face became more symmetrical and features better defined. After 20 sessions, the face became
more symmetrical, features well defined and smaller. And the hip line smoothed to decrease the excess fat around the lower body for an attractive body line.

<<Program duration & cost>>
During 1hour 30minutes-2hours, total body care for losing weight is USD 3,000 for 20sessions or a part of body is USD 2,100 for 20sessions during 40minutes.


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