[Yakson House] Shoulder-Neck-Head Care/ Wrong postures

Shoulder-Neck-Head Care

Do you have stiff shoulders and neck all the time?
Don't worry anymore!

Our care program will bring you complete relaxation and
relieve your headache.

- Cramped up shoulders
- Stiff shoulders and neck
- Prolonged use of computers
- Persistently stressed
- Needing collarbone care(pre-wedding care)

- Relaxed neck muscles
- De-stressed shoulders
- Longer neckline
- Prettier collarbone line

"Shoulder-Neck-Head Care"
Shoulder care > Neck care > Head care > Decorte care > Neck relaxation care

During 40~50 minutes, body care program to improve concentration and
memory is USD 500 for 10 sessions.


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