[Yakson House] How to walk with good posture/ good body shape/ good walking

Hello, everyone!
Today I will give you some information on good walking.
I'm often pointed my bad walking posture :<

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 Good walking is not only good for posture and health but also helps fight obesity and skin troubles. This is because when your walking is not good, especially when your little toe goes under the fourth toe, the muscles develop in bad shapes. On the calf, the inside muscles deteriorate and the outer muscles develop, resulting in aesthetically unfavorable form. This also has adverse effect on the meridians with frequent swelling of the legs. This then may make it difficult to lose weight.

Also, bad walking often bends the legs into the O shape or X shape.

Good walking ensures upright posture
1) Take the first step with your right foot. Ensure that the joint is not folded. Pace at about 90% of your height
2) Ensure that the heel of your right foot touches the ground first. Aim for 40% landing angle for maximum result.
3) Transfer the weight of your body onto the center of your right foot.
4) When touching the ground with the sole of your right foot, ensure that the big toe touches the ground first.

5) Repeat the process with the left foot.

Good walking is important both for esthetics and for health.

 It may not be easy but take time to practice it. It will become natural for you before you know it.


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