Yakson's Celebrity Customers

 Lots of Korean celebrities visit Yakson House 
as customers since its launch.

Celebrities who is acting as 
  Actors and Actresses, Announcers, singers, Comedians 
visit us and were satisfied with our services.

 Narsha, Brown Eyed Girls 

Chaewon Moon

 Hara Gu, KARA

 Hanbyeol Park

 Girl group Secret

Seongkyung Kim

Siyoung Lee

Who is going to be the next?  :)
Anyways, Thank you for giving interests in our services.
We promise that will keep try to the best for better services. 

And you can check a list of more celebrities this link.


yakson house

Yakson House NY Branch : 212-564-7474


  1. do you have a program that can make me inches taller? thank you so much! i'll be waiting for your reply yakson house makati branch!

    1. Sure, we have several programs for the goal. For more information, You can check the program in this link http://www.beautymade.com/html/03_01_23.html, and contact Makati branch :D Thank you.

    2. Oh, Sorry. I gave you wrong link. http://www.yaksonhouse.com/html/03_01.html

      This is the one!

  2. when is your next promo discount for the bow leg treatment yakson house makati branch?do you also have treatment to correct the shape of my arms? how much could it costs? thank you yakson makati branch!


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