Self Face Massage

Here is another video of self massage that you can do easily. :D 

Self massage is a great way to reduce stress and relieve tension. 
Also it is very good for blood flow that can lead to healthier body.

 Step 1. 
Self Face Massage  
Sit down and straiten your back.

Step 2.

Relax your tense muscles around mouth

Step 3.
   Self Face Massage

Rest your chin on your hand and lift up your chin with the other hand

Step 4. 

Similar with Step4.
Just make a fist lightly and lift up one side chin.

Step 5. 
Self Face Massage

Done for today!

I can't say this massage will absolutely help your face line more beautiful
I can say steady and slow wins the race! :)

Should you keep following this video,
you will see the change!:)

You can also check
Youtube video.

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