Even if after the hard diet, and you have a slim body, no matter how much you shake and pinch, forearm is the hardest part to get slimmer.  So, Mrs. Kim, the CEO of Yakson Beauty would talk about how to make slim forearms.

Q. What causes thick arms?
A: The main reasons are work and stress. If you sit in one position for a long time, your arm will not have much chance to move and you will gain weight, and the stress will cause your muscles to contract, making waste accumulate in the armpit lymph, or axilla. This accumulated waste becomes fat.

Q. How to lose weight on forearms? Is this how it works?
① Shaking your arms: Shake your arms to loosen the axillary lymph of the armpit, so circulation would be better. It is also good to lose weight of your forearms.
② Pinching your arms: Pinching is not good because it causes the sagging. If you have flappy forearms, the forearms can thicken because waste can builds up at the flappy parts.
③ Wrapping your arms: Wrapping your arms can improve skin elasticity and make thin arms by sweating. However, if you have a lot of muscle in your arms, swelling may cause, which makes your forearms thicker. I recommend wrapping the arms to a person who has flappy forearms.

Q. How to lose weight of your arms in your daily life?
A: Shaking is the best way to lose weight of the forearms in your daily life. Please lift up your arms and shake to keep your arms from sagging. And it is good to tap the inside of the arms and armpits, and the tapping direction should be from inside to outside.
The higher the shoulder joint (the joint that moves the arm), the thicker the forearm. Ideally, it is good to stretch your shoulder to lower the shoulder joint.

Q. Can I lose my forearm fat through golki therapy?
A: There are three ways to manage forearm. There are three bones in the forearm: humerus, ulna, and radial bone. The first step is to correct the bone so that the forearms will be well circulated. The second step is to resolve the fat and release the waste through the lymph circulation. The third  step is elasticity care, because if you lose weight and do not manage elasticity, you will gain weight again in that space. These three steps will make your forearm slim.

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