[YAKSON BEAUTY EDITOR] Yakson House Small Face Care: First Session

Hi, everyone. I am excited to tell you that I was announced as the newest beauty editor of Yakson House Makati!!! I am soooo excited to share to all of you my journey to have a smaller face since it was my insecurity ever since. A lot of people who knows me always say that I have chubby face even though I have a slim body. Most of them also say that all the food I take goes straight to my face!!  >.< And since you guys know that I just graduated last year from University of Santo Tomas with bachelor of science in Electronics Engineering, I was really busy back then to even care about my face, diet and skin care routine. This is really a great opportunity to take care of my face and body.

So before I start my first session review, I would like to share a brief info about Yakson House or Yakson Myungi.

Yakson mean Mother's hand. I believe their clinic was named like that because they offer non-surgical and non-invasive procedures with only the use of the hand.

They are also the first company
in the beauty industry to acquire Korea Service Quality Excellent Enterprise Certification.

Golki Therapy:

Yakson House's specialty is Golki Therapy which was invented in 1979 by Chairman Lee Byung-chul based on the principle of bone tonification.
Golki theraphy is an all-new therapy method that combines the healthcare technique of promoting circulation by stimulating bones manually with aesthetics programs. It is also dubbed as K-Therapy as it encompasses the long history and culture of Korea.
Golki theraphy involves stimulating of the bones through the skin, promoting circulation, improving supply of nutrients and discharge of wastes. Golki therapy is designed to restore health and bring about beautiful changes in your body. 
My first session started last Saturday, which is October 6, 2018. The Yakson House in the Philippines is located at G4 Perla Mansion 117 Don C.Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Makati, Philippines which was managed by Director Kim Yu Min.

 Hi! I'm Yakson's newest Beauty Editor~~ ♥

I'm going to start with the accessibility of the place:
Yakson House Makati is located near Greenbelt (walking distance and just a few blocks away) so it is very easy to find. If you will bring a car, you can park in front of the street or just park in Greenbelt just to be sure hehe. 


The ambiance is really great. The place is neat and relaxing. I love hearing relaxing songs while I am at the massage area. The waiting area is very spacious and convenient for my companion to stay since they can read magazine or drink water and etc while waiting. 


The treatment started by cleansing the face to remove the makeup and dirt on the face. 

 while cleansing the face

My face was prepped with toner after the cleansing.

Back Massage:

 Back Massage

After cleansing, the back massage started. I was asked to lie down on the bed as seen in the picture. I was given a full back and head massage which is very relaxing and a little bit painful but bearable. I think that's what I felt because I am not used to being massaged on the back and I also don't exercise. But overall it was great. 

Shoulder Massage:

 Shoulder Massage

The next one is shoulder massage, I have a very stiff shoulder so I think this is a good start to fix my bad posture.

Golki Therapy:

After the back and shoulder massage, I was hand over to Ms. Kim Yu Min which is the director and owner of Yakson House PH and also a licensed Golki therapist. She is very kind and approachable. The face massage is a little bit painful but tolerable. I think it will only be painful at first but I believe my facial bone will get used to it on the preceding sessions. Ms. Kim applied pressure to parts of my face. Putting pressure loosens the tightness of the face and improves facial blood circulation. I trust Yakson House because I've seen the results to others and it is really amazing!

Molding Mask:

After the Golki therapy, my face was cleansed again preparing it for the molding mask. This is done during the first and last session in order to compare the changes and improvement of Yakson House's Small Face Care program. My face was covered with gauze before the white mask was applied and left to dry for fifteen minutes. As the mask was drying, my face felt warmer but later on it felt cool. After the mask got completely dried, it was removed and for the last step, they started to clean my face again. They also applied skin care products including essence.

After I got out of the massage room, they showed me the dried mask of my facial structure. I was asked to signed it with my name and date as well. 

And that's how my Yakson House Small Face Care journey started~~ Watch out for my future posts to see the results and improvements until my 10th session. ♥

Visit Yakson House PH website for inquiries and more info: http://www.yaksonhouse.ph/ph/


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