The standard of beauty is changing over time.
But if there is one fact that does not change, it is that “men like beautiful women.”
Of course, you should not judge a person by appearance only!
However, it is true that majority of women in the world have a desire to be pretty.
In the past, the 'symbol of fertility' was considered to be a standard of beauty, regardless of the nation.
So, specifically, the voluptuous or plump body was the standard of beauty.
But nowadays, the V-line shape of face, long and pretty legs are the criteria of beautiful woman.

Of course, the standards of beauty in the world cannot be the same.

Generally speaking, Aphrodite in Greek mythology, Cleopatra in the West, and Yang Guifei in China are considered to be typical beauty, and the standard of beauty is very different in each period of time / continent.

A picture became once popular online which shows beautiful girls in different countries.
The photo collected the most beautiful and popular female celebrities by country, including Korea, USA, India, Japan, China, and UK. Netizens who saw the photo said, "I think Korean women are the most beautiful among the people," "The country of beauty is indeed South Korea." They expressed positive response to the Korean beauty.

Moreover, there is huge attention to Korean entertainers nowadays, due to the Korean wave – Korean drama and K-pop; and it has also been influencing the standard of beauty, globally.
If so, how have the standards of Korean beauty changed?
It would be meaningful to take a look at the history of beauty of Korea to see the difference between the past and present!

The Beauty of ‘60s~'70s 
Has Thick Eyebrows and Big Eyes!

From 1960 to 1970, Westerner-look faces were popular. As the values of the Western culture have been formed in this period, the western appearance has become a standard of beauty. The beautiful lady that represents these days is JUNG, Yoon-hee.

At that time, Jung Yoon-hee's talent and beautiful look were considered as “the best.” She was the most perfect actress with a dark eyebrow, big eyes, and a sharp nose. Jang Seok-jun, the famous Korean director who invented Korea's first 70mm camera said, "she is the most beautiful actress who can be confident in front of camera from ANY angle."

In the ‘80s~'90s, 
the “City-girl Look” Was Admired!

From 1980 to 1990, urban beauty with sophisticated images like KIM, Hee-sun was popular. She made her debut as an actress in the drama "Dinosaur Teacher" in 1993, and became popular with many trendy dramas and commercials with her cute appearance and acting skill. Kim Hee-sun is one of the most beautiful ladies of this period of time, selected by the producers of entertainment industry, by plastic surgeons and by ordinary Korean people at that time.

Since the 2000s, 
the V-line Shape Face Has Become Popular!

Starting from 2000s, the preference of beauty has changed. However, if one is asked to choose the most beautiful celebrity in Korea, it was indeed, KIM, Tae-hee who won the first place among various surveys and interviews.

Kim Tae-hee made her debut as a model of “White” TV commercial in 2000, and she had been enjoying great popularity as an actress who has both beauty and intelligence. Her V-line, small face, big eyes, double-eye lids, and distinctive features made her as the icon of Korean beauty.

The Other Elements of Beautiful Look?

The following are the criteria of various factors of beautiful person that have been recognized by media or recent trends.

1. A symmetrical and three-dimensional face
2. Small face
3. Slender and smooth facial shape
4. Slim and healthy body
5. Feminine body line
6. Thin and straight legs
7. Pretty butt & wide pelvis
8. Slim belly and waist
9. Slender arms

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