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Mothers in each country have postpartum care after childbirth. Postpartum care allows women to recover their vulnerable body and mind to a pre-pregnant state through the intensive care (special foods, activities, environments, or residences). It is also argued that woman’s health of the entire life depends on how to recover her body after the childbirth.

Proper postpartum care can help prevent the aftereffects and the side effects after the childbirth that may occur during this period, and help the mother recovers quickly and healthily in order for her to a non-pregnant body state.

However, postpartum care varies from country to country. How do the mothers in different cultures prepare after childbirth? Let's find out distinctive postpartum cares after-birth for each country.

South Korea
After giving birth, the mother wears long sleeves and socks for warmth. Also, avoid outdoor activities and spend 100 days in a warm indoor.
In Korea, mothers eat seaweed soup immediately after giving birth. The iodine component of the seaweed soup not only replenishes the blood of the mother who had severe bleeding at the time of giving birth, but also clears the blood and helps to relieve the swelling. Seaweed soup in particular is excellent at promoting the secretion of breast milk. It is also recommended to eat with crucian carp or eel.
Even just simple activities such as sitting down and raising up, are not recommended or she should be extra careful of them, especially until 100 days after giving birth because the bones of the body are not yet in right place and they are all open.
1. Keep the environment not too hot but just “warm”
2. Avoid cold wind and cold food
3. Take a shower with warm water for about 10 minutes
4. Have a checkup when fatigue persists for a long time
5. Sexual intercourse should be 6 weeks after the childbirth
6. Have regular checkup after 6 weeks from the childbirth

United States
If the mother gives birth in a hospital, after 30 minutes, the nurse suggests the mother to take a shower for refreshing and pleasant state of the body. Just one week after the delivery, she can be like ordinary woman or enjoying outdoor activities such as driving, shopping and walking.
After giving birth, mothers drink cool juice to supplement blood and body fluids. In addition, Americans have no particular food suggested after the childbirth. They tend to stimulate the appetite by eating soup, then eat ordinary food such as bread, salad, juice, coffee or hamburger. In addition, it is recommended to have nutritional supplements when there is lack of nutritions.
Most mothers in the United States do yoga after six weeks of childbirth. Yoga does not give a lot of pressure to mother’s body, but it replaces the bones to right places. And at the same time, it helps balance the body.

China has 28 ~ 30 days, or about one-month postpartum care period. Usually, they do not take a shower or bath during this period and they are extra careful of their body temperature.
It is true that Chinese mothers drink alcohol after childbirth. Since long time ago, Chinese mothers did not even drink bottled water, but instead, they drank boiled alcohol to maintain their body temperature and blood circulation. However, recently, Chinese mothers drink wine in every meal for blood circulation and discharge of body wastes.
In addition, mothers who breastfeed tend to have 6 to 7 meals including regular meals and snacks, and often drink apple juice. For special tonic, they also boil the duck and eat it.
Like the United States, Chinese mothers do yoga once a week and correct their bent pelvis. Most of all, Chinese mothers refrain from using TVs or smart phones to avoid electromagnetic waves.

In recent years, the number of maternity nursing houses or postpartum care centers have been increasing. However, in general, Japanese mothers give birth to a child in an ob-gyn nearby, and is discharged after 7-9 days. After that, she stays in her parents’ house about a month in order to have the postpartum care.
Japanese mothers eat Katsuobushi, for breastfeeding. Katsuobushi is well-known as a healthy food for all illnesses. Mothers eat them together with various foods or eat them as snacks.
Japanese mothers regularly take shower 5 days after giving birth, and in the same way as Korea, it is advised to be careful about the postpartum stroke. So they wear long-sleeved clothes to avoid the cold wind to maintain the body temperature. They also do stretches and yoga and in order to balance the body.

In addition, Indian mothers eat turmeric after the childbirth, and in Sri Lanka, the mothers drink coffee. Mongolian mothers drink Mongolian Tea for their breastfeeding.
This variety of postpartum care depends on the tradition and culture of the country, which is different in each country because of the structure of woman’s body.

In addition, there are mothers who suffer from the wrong postpartum care since childbirth involves many problems in mother’s body, especially pelvis and joints that may also cause pain. So, it is recommended to receive care from a specialist for quicker recovery.

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