Wednesday, February 28, 2018


K-pop groups EXID, JBJ and B1A4 got 
the crowd screaming during their performances 
at the Singapore Indoor Stadium 
on Wednesday night (21 Feb).

(Source: Yahoo Lifestyle ;

The audience gave a warm applause and cheers 
as if they’ve been waiting for so long time, 
and some of the people even followed the Korean lyrics 
and expressed great attention and love for the singers.

As the Wave of Korea gets bigger and bigger, 
the K-pop concert is continually going on in many countries.

International K-pop fans are paying their tribute of praise 
to the K-pop artist’s beautiful appearance 
as well as their music, dance and talents. 
In particular, the white and resilient skin of 
Korean entertainers, the small and balanced V-line face, and the slim body are considered to be 
the standard of "Korean beauty" that foreigners refer to.

The Beauty Secret of K-pop Artists?

Not just in music programs, Hani from 
K-pop girl group EXID,
attracted audience’s attention with her beautiful look 
and unique charms,
in various entertainment shows. 

She is also one of the star customers in Yakson. 
Although she already has a perfect look from any angle, 
she often visit Yakson House to have the special cares, 
in order to keep her beautifulness.

Big eyes, sharp and high nose, small and 
three-dimensional faces...
Among them, Hani's trademark is slender and pointy 
V-line face!

Do you also want to have small and V-line face? 
If so, we recommend you to have "Face Resizing Care" 
which is one of the main programs of Yakson House.

Yakson’s beauty therapy helps you discover 
and maximize your natural beauty. 

Be healthy and beautiful with Yakson House!

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