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Production of cosmetics in South Korea has been growing fast, exceeding 10 trillion won as of last year.
In the same period, the trade surplus reached 1,697.3 billion won, double amount of 851.4 billion won in 2014, and exports toward China also doubled from 2014 which is around 1,225.4 billion won.

In the related industry, it is said that the Korean Hallyu wave that started with K-pop has reached the era of industrialization of Korean products as K-drama and K-beauty spread to worldwide.

Today, Yaksoin will share more information about Korean cosmetics as well as K-beauty boom that has gone beyond China and now captivating the cosmopolitan world.


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the skin of Korean women is "skin care routine or product." The unique skin care routine of Koreans attracted the attention of beauty users all over the world. Recently, "Korean 10 step skin care method" has become a hot topic on YouTube and various blogs.

Particularly, delicate makeup methods and clean skin of Koreans are becoming popular.
As Korean cosmetic industry's step-by-step makeup routine attracts attention from the world's top-ranking cosmetics industry, it is said that many beauty users/bloggers are influenced by the Korean skin care and makeup method.

Especially, by introducing the Korean 10-step skin care method through blog and YouTube, the new word "K-Beauty" became considerably popular. Recently, Korean makeup techniques have become popular among American women which resulted that esteem of K-beauty has increased. It is also suggested that Korean skin care routine is good for the stability of the mind and mental health as if it energized many people and has provide psychotherapy, more than just providing pretty look.

Oil Cleansing - Cleansing Foam - Exfoliation - Toner - Essence - Ampoules - Mask Pack - Eye Cream - Moisturizing Cream - Night cream / Day cream / Sunblock

This is general 10-steps Korean skin care routine.
The basic order of the products is almost the same.
We are looking forward to the opportunity for Korean skin care/cosmetic products to become a global and luxurious brands rather than just short-period trendy items.


1. Skinfood products are derived from the ingredients found in foods such as tomato, avocado, egg whites, honey, and fresh apples.

What they carry: Skin care, body and hair products, and makeup.
What you should know: This line is cruelty-free and uses eco-friendly and sustainably-grown ingredients.

2.  TONYMOLY is known for their cartoon packaging and single-use "I'm Real" sheet masks, all intended to attack different skin issues.
<Source: http://@tonymoly.us_official / Via>

What they carry: Skin care, body and hair products, and makeup.
What you should know: TONYMOLY has a hair nutrition mask that looks like a bottle of mayo.

3. Nature Republic infuses their products with raw ingredients such as aloe vera, ginseng, green leaf, argan, baobab tree seed, shea butter and snail mucus.


What they carry: Skin care and makeup.
What you should know: Their aloe vera gel has over 1,000 reviews on Amazon, with a 4.4 out of 5-star rating.

4.    The Face Shop offers an entire line of beauty and skin care at an affordable cost.


What they carry: Skin care and makeup.
What you should know: The Face Shop uses active plant ingredients to provide 
high-quality products at an affordable price.

5.  Banila Co. sells a primer that lets your makeup last all day. But have no fear! Their Clean It Zero balm will get rid of every last drop of foundation, concealer, and waterproof mascara.


What they carry: Makeup and skin care.
What you should know: Their cleansers are oil-based, meaning your skin will never feel parched, tight, or dry after washing your face.

6. Etude House offers a full makeup line, including vibrant lipsticks and eyebrow pencils.


What they carry: Skin care and beauty products.
What you should know: Their drawing eyebrow pencil has over 1,000 reviews on Amazon and has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating.

7.  Missha focuses on protecting and perfecting your skin — their waterproof sun milk is packed with SPF50, and their BB cream covers up any blemishes.

What they carry: Skin care, body and haircare, and makeup.
What you should know: Unlike most sunscreens, the Missha sun milk has a matte finish — meaning your face won't look like a grease pool while protecting your skin from the sun.

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