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Today, Yakson will be discussing its signature bone therapy for you.

Usually, people go to massage shop when they get tired or stressed. Professional massage relieves one’s stress and loosens knotted muscles. Also, by getting a massage, one feels refreshed and lively!

However, the types of massage vary considerably and Yakson would like to talk about all-new bone massage therapy in this post. Unlike ordinary massage types, bone massage therapy does not only focus on the muscles but it also pays extra attention to the bones. So, some people would get scared by such description but actually, they don’t need to do! It could be considered as a bit hard massage. However, can you believe that the service is made by “the hands” only?

Surprisingly, the care makes an obvious difference/change since Yakson’s therapy aims to transform one’s shape by the finger pressure.

Let’s look into the details of Yakson’s therapy. There are various programs in Yakson House that you can choose according to your preference! However, among them, the two popular programs will be introduced in this post.

<Yakson’s Face Resizing Care>

Yakson’s Face Resizing Care is considered as one of the signature cares of Yakson House. The care makes your face smaller and slimmer than the way it looks now, it is NOT a plastic surgery, but is a bone massage therapy.

<A Client Who Had Yakson’s Face Resizing Care>

The client’s face was considered to be long and flat. The cheekbone and jawbone were also wide and her overall face was less elastic. However, Yakson’s Face Resizing Care has reduced overall length of her face, smoothed the jaw line, and aligned the facial symmetry.

<Yakson’s Pretty Legs Care>
The Pretty Legs Care is recommended for those who especially concern about their leg shape. By having the care, the problems of your legs will be identified and it will also restore your leg’s beauty and resilience.

<A Client Who Had Yakson’s Pretty Legs Care>

Client’s pelvic was spread and the knees were apart from each other. Through pelvic and calf management, the pelvis and pubis were put together and the femur got straightened. Overall, the whole leg line became straighter and prettier than before.

<Korean Actress Ji-yeon’s Review on Face Resizing Care>

Hello, I’m actress Choi Ji-yeon. :)
I still remember giggling when I first heard about Yakson House’s Golki Therapy.
Face reduction? I thought it simply nonsensical.
But after a few sessions, my friends started telling me that my face had actually become smaller. They wanted to know what I did to it, whether I had some special injection. I actually never thought that bones could change shape, little by little, as they are pressured. It was so unreal. But more than anything, the therapists were so well-mannered.
While excessive attention can often turn into inconvenience, it’s never the case with Yakson House. I also get somewhat reluctant to sponsorships, especially when I don’t have much work going on like these days. But everyone at Yakson House always takes their job so seriously… They’re always so friendly. Since their service requires that the customer goes completely naked without any makeup, it’s important that they make you feel comfortable. Here at Yakson House, I feel completely at home. The rich resonant voices of the manager and the staff of the Bucheon branch are an added bonus.
My face gets prettier and my body gets healthier… Every visit to Yakson House is a healing experience.
Someday, I will bring a cake to celebrate your success, the Bucheon branch family!

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